Revolutionary non-invasive sonophoretic drug delivery technology

MuPharma's ultrasound based technologies enables a desired drug or vaccine to be non-invasively delivered to a controlled and precise depth within a desired target tissue layer.

Our novel devices are directly applied to permit drugs and vaccines to be delivered through tissue without the need for reformulation or penetration enhancers / adjuvants.

​Opportunities include:

  • targeted or systemic non-invasive drug / vaccine delivery applications; and

  • through mucosal delivery directly into the bloodstream, new commercial pathways for ingestible drugs that have failed in clinical trials or on-market, due their gastro-intestinal side effects or because of metabolic degradation in the liver.


Re-usable hand held actuator powers and monitors disposable tips that are directly applied to tissue.

Sterile, single use, disposable tips.



Elimination of intra-ocular injections and corneal tissue trauma

MuPharma's novel ocular device can deliver drugs to the front or back of the eye. 

Opportunities include:

  • non-invasive delivery of biologics (including monoclonal antibody drugs) to the retina particularly for the treatment of wet Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Macular Edema;

  • non-invasive delivery of novel drugs to the back of the eye for dry Macular Degeneration and inflammatory eye conditions; and

  • non-invasive delivery of Riboflavin to the cornea for Collagen Cross-Linking to treat Keratoconus.



Creation of robust mucosal immunity - elimination of injections for vaccine delivery  

MuPharma's novel vaccine device can deliver vaccines to any mucosal surface of the body including the mouth, nose and vagina and elicit robust mucosal immune responses in addition to systemic immune responses.


Many communicable pathogens (including Covid-19 and Influenza) initiate infection at mucosal tissue surfaces.  Having immune defense already present at the site where these pathogens first enter is the most powerful and effective means of protection. Although intra-muscular and subcutaneous injections are widely used for vaccination and are effective at inducing circulating antibodies and immune cells in the blood, they are less effective in inducing mucosal antibodies and immune cells that reside in the mucous membrane at the pathogen’s site of entry.

Opportunities include:

  • the creation of strong mucosal immunity for diseases that enter the body via mucous membranes including Covid-19, Influenza, Norovirus, Chlamydia, HIV, Tuberculosis as well as a host of other communicable pathogens;

  • the potential for novel allergy treatments including for diseases like asthma; and

  • the potential for creating targeted vaccines to treat cancers that originate in epithelial tissue.



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